Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2024-07-04 18:02:26

Debifi on Nostr: We, your wonderful #Debifi team, are incredibly excited to announce that starting ...

We, your wonderful #Debifi team, are incredibly excited to announce that starting today, the Debifi app source code is publicly available!

Here are some of the main reasons why we open it up 🔽

- Following Best Practices:

We're committed to adhering to the highest standards in the industry. By publishing the source code, we're following the best practices, setting a new benchmark for non-custodial Bitcoin-backed lending.

Link to the repository: https://gitlab.com/debifi-public/debifi-app

- Increased Transparency & Security:

Transparency and security are at the core of our mission. Opening #Debifi app's source code means anyone can audit our code and reproduce app builds from it, enhancing trust and security for all users.

- Integration with Hardware Wallets:

We invite hardware wallet providers to work on integrating their devices with our platform. This collaboration will further secure our users' assets and broaden Debifi's ecosystem.

- Accelerating Innovation:

By opening our code to the community, we're fostering an environment where #innovation can thrive. We believe this move will lead to new features and improvements, significantly accelerating progress in the #Bitcoin lending space.

Explore the full potential of Bitcoin-backed loans with Debifi by visiting our website for more details and join us on this exciting journey towards a more transparent and secure financial future.

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