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2024-06-07 08:26:45

Voyage v0.6.0 released

Voyage supports bookmarks now. And I removed the downvote button.


### 🌠 Features

- Bookmark posts
- Rebroadcast notes
- Show your contact and topic list
- Add navigation drawer for your contact & topic list, bookmarks and relays
- Parse and open naddr URIs in browser
- Open lighting address in wallet

### 🛠 Improvements

- Remove downvote button
- Use nprofile relays when opening profile via nprofile click
- Sort profile search result by name length
- Move relay list from settings to navigation drawer
- Scroll to top when clicking tab of a pager
- Animate scroll up instead of jumping to top
- Publish bookmarks and topic lists only to your write relays
- Remember scroll position of relay editor when switching views
- Only show slider after clicking row in database settings
- Improve upvote button description
- Improve resolving name tags
- Set closure reason when closing spammy connection
- Scroll inbox to top when clicking tab
- Don't set more than 750 hashtags in filter
- Subscribe the whole time frame when swipe refreshing feed
- Don't sweep bookmarked posts
- Delete old votes from local database
- Load personal profile from db when not in memory

### ⚡️ Performance

- Improve performance of determining TrustType
- Don't resub every time FollowListsView opens
- Don't sub reposts in bookmark view
- Don't verify signatures of votes
- Don't resub metadata if it's already in memory

### 🎨 Styling

- Reduce max lines of feed post row from 21 to 12

### ⚙️ Miscellaneous Tasks

- Upgrade ksp dependency
- Bump version to v0.6.0
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