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Freedom at risk

The original principles of the internet, rooted in decentralization, user empowerment, openness, collaboration, and freedom of expression, were not designed to be dominated by centralized control systems led by governments and capitalist markets.
Current social networks such as Twitter, Threads and Instagram struggle with challenges of censorship, user bans, server closures, and spam. This underscores the necessity for a decentralized, censorship-resistant, and user-centric social network.

The Nostr revolution

Nostr, acronym for “Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays”, revolutionizes social networking and online communication by eliminating dependency of centralized servers.It employs a client-relay model, where users run clients, and anyone can operate relays.
This protocol ensures tamperproof communication through cryptographic keys and signatures. By enabling users to establish pathways and publish notes to relays and incentivizing relay operators, Nostr addresses many shortcomings of existing systems.
Empowering freedom in Nostr
A secure, user-centric protocol and social network

You own your identity, signed

Nostr uses a public key system, where your identity is tied to a unique cryptographic key. You have full control over your identity without relying on a central authority. Nostr's protocol eliminates the need for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. No email, ID, thumbprint, or eyeball scans required. Your privacy is entirely yours to safeguard.

You own your data, signed

Users sign their posts with their cryptographic keys in Nostr. This cryptographic signature ensures the authenticity of your data, and you maintain ownership over it. Each client validates these signatures, ensuring data integrity. Users select relays for data exchange, and relays communicate directly with users, not with each other.

You own your audience

In Nostr, you have full control over your audience. Users choose their preferred relay servers and can recommend relays to maintain their follower base, even if they switch relays. Additionally, users can mute other users, words, and contents (if the feature is available), shaping their social media feed according to their preferences.

You are free to speak

You can publish anything you want as long as relays are willing to accept it. If no one accepts what you have to say you can easily run your own relay. Relays can ban some users from publishing to them, but if you have people that follow you can always find another relay to publish to and your follower clients should be capable of finding you there and continue to get your updates.

You are free to be anonymous

Nostr supports user anonymity. Users can choose to be anonymous or use pseudonyms without compromising their ability to participate. Nostr is also available On TOR that prevents tracking of users. Nostr does not have the capacity to provide user data to governments, safeguarding users' freedom of expression from prohibitions or restrictions.

You are free to develop

Nostr encourages development and customization. Users are free to develop on the platform, contributing to the growth and evolution of the network. Anyone can build on Nostr, creating clients, relays, tools, and apps. Users have the freedom to establish payment methods for their features, providing developers with a potential source of revenue.

Get started with Nostr

Create an account

With Nostr there is not a central provider that give you an account, in fact your account is powered just by cryptography, and you could create one (or more!) yourself by hand, without any limit. But usually the easiest way is to use a Nostr app to bootstrap a new account and then use it everywhere.

Secure your key

An account is a key-pair. The private key (nsec) is your digital identity, if you loose or leak it, you are burned; so you need to keep your key-pair secure and private. Use a password manager, make a backup on paper and use it only in trusted apps. Never enter your nsec in a website, install a signer extension.

Pick an app

Nostr developers already have built several applications that cover different areas; probably the easiest way to start using Nostr and learn more is downloading a social client and start getting involved with the community and learn more. Need help? Use the #asknostr hashtag!

Explore Nostr

After you are familiar with the basic concepts you can explore other social clients and other Nostr applications; your already have your digital identity and it works everywhere, so you can simply login in using your nsec. As usual be sure that the app is from a trusted source!

Nostr Client
Nostr resources
Discover how many things you can do with Nostr
This is only a quick selection of the 80+ applications that have already been built on Nostr, discover them all!

Develop on Nostr

Where it all started

The Nostr "manifesto" was published in 2019 and slowly but surely the community gathered around the idea and expanded it, turning it into a fast, flexible and usable protocol that is used by real people everyday.

Discover the NIPs

NIPs stand for "Nostr Implementation Possibilities", they exist to document what may be implemented by Nostr compatible relay and client software; study them to develop your project.