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2024-02-21 20:27:30

cqwww on Nostr: From my friend Christopher Parsons, Canada's national policing breaking pretty much ...

From my friend Christopher Parsons, Canada's national policing breaking pretty much every Canadian privacy law, as well as their own internal policies and procedures, collecting personal data on Canadians from dodgy and maybe even illegal sources:

The recent report from Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada/Commissariat à la protection de la vie privée du Canada, about the RCMP’s use of private tools to aggregate open source intelligence, is an important read for those interested in the restrictions that apply to federal government agencies’ collection of this information.

The OPC found that the RCMP:

* had sought to outsource its own legal accountabilities to a third-party vendor that aggregated information,
* was unable to demonstrate that their vendor was lawfully collecting Canadian residents’ personal information,
* operated in contravention to prior guarantees or agreements between the OPC and the RCMP,
* was relying on a deficient privacy impact assessment, and
* failed to adequately disclose to Canadian residents how information was being collected, with the effect of preventing them from understanding the activities that the RCMP was undertaking.

It is a breathtaking condemnation of the method by which the RCMP collected open source intelligence, and includes assertions that the agency is involved in activities that stand in contravention of PIPEDA and the Privacy Act, as well as its own internal processes and procedures.


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