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2024-04-12 01:02:47

Rabble on Nostr: I'm so excited to formally announce a new project to onboard a diverse range of ...

I'm so excited to formally announce a new project to onboard a diverse range of creators and journalists to Nostr. Please join us and help #grownostr

We're excited to announce a new initiative to get creators and journalists on to Nostr. This is a project organized by nos.social with primal (npub12vk…pugg), Highlighter (npub1w0r…cu4x), Coracle (npub13my…v3qk), damus (npub18m7…q955), and YakiHonne (npub1yzv…rf8q). The goal is to get a diversity of content on to nostr and show those creators and journalists that the nostr model of zaps and the new subscription content over nostr is a better alternative to centralized advertising driven platforms. #value4value

Please share this with creators and journalists you know who are already on Nostr and also those who might want to join. This will include both getting these folks on to the nostr apps which make sense for them, setting them up with a wallet, teaching them how to be successful on nostr, and importantly promoting them through a bunch of channels on nostr so they can build and audience.

We don't have the deep pockets of meta and tiktok, nor their powerful AI driven algorithms, but we've got something that can be more powerful, people.

Creators and Journalists know they're stuck sharecropping on centralized platforms that can demonetize or delete or just shadow ban their accounts. One day their content gets broadcast to the world, the next the algorithm doesn't even show it to their followers. Their revenue is dependent on getting a cut from an opaque and arbitrary advertising system.

So, share these links, if you're a creator or journalist sign up, and when we start promoting these folks on nostr, check out what they're doing and if you like it, send them zaps. This is open to both existing nostr creators and journalists and new ones we'll onboard.


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