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2024-04-02 12:05:42

Cortez on Nostr: Today is Tuesday, #Artstr day. & Our theme and challenge today: Political ideologies, ...

Today is Tuesday, #Artstr day.
& Our theme and challenge today:
Political ideologies, racism, and the pursuit of freedom

We love to continue with #Artstr and hope you will come along with us on our journey as well. and I will meet here every first and last Tuesday of the month and challenge each other. Also, we chitchat about art, and share interesting facts & fictions with you.

Art has long served as a beautiful reflection of political ideologies in the pursuit of artistic freedom. This is something I thought Nostr was first conceived upon. It has now woken up a few white catholic suppressed girls and boys who think they also know what it is all about. (They don’t). Art is the peaceful revolution within our world and always has been. For me artists like Kara Walker confront racism head-on, using provocative imagery to challenge societal norms. Ai Weiwei, through his activism and installations, critiques political oppression in China and beyond. Faith Ringgold's quilts and narrative paintings explore themes of race, identity, and social inequality, offering a powerful commentary on the African American experience. These artists dismantle conventional narratives, urging viewers to question power structures and societal constructs. Through their work, they provoke dialogue, challenge perceptions, and advocate for change, highlighting the interconnectedness of art, politics, racism, and freedom. These are the ways to really challenge freedom and maybe not posting nonsense.

So we would like you to use lots of different mediums, Painting, sketches,photo, cutout, poetry, musical piece, whatever best characterizes your art.

The work must be current, no shit A.I Art please that's the only requirement.
Plase post under this Note and use these Hashtags:
#Artstr #Artstrsalon #artstr

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