Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2024-05-20 13:25:57

NVK on Nostr: nostr:note16gggkkss3k2z2avl5dn95re2ymzx7ctcsewd8whsav6m73h7dg2qh4v9m6

Unleashed.Chat v0.1.21

-Mixtral 8x22B InstructMistral AI's flagship FOSS model. This is not an uncensored variant like our other models (yet).

-The Mixtral 8x7B and 8x22B models are now capable of searching the Internet. Try to ask for the current bitcoin price or the population of a country.

-Added API endpoints for fetching the current balance and creating a Lightning invoice for adding funds - see https://unleashed.chat/api/docs
-Billing is now based on the length of the response (output tokens) rather than generation time.
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