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2023-12-05 19:24:00

gzuuus on Nostr: Nostree Release Note v. “Follows, contact list, button to add link to a ...

Nostree Release Note
v. “Follows, contact list, button to add link to a list, and more”.

Hey nostr! Today I bring you a new release of nostree in which we continue adding features to improve the user experience and usability of the platform, also I bring you the news that this will be the last release note that I write from my personal account, I present you the nostree nostr account: Nostree (npub1ntr…xcpf) follow it to be aware of the news about nostree. Before we start I would also like to thank again OpenSats (npub10pe…n34f) and all the users that use nostree, thank you, developing this together with you is something that makes me feel very lucky. Without further ado, let’s start with the release note.

Follows and contact list: In this version a button has been added to follow users, and to have a visual reference of who you follow and who you don’t, this is a very nice addition when doing a search for example, as you can identify who is in your contact list and who is not. Also now in the ‘explore’ section you can filter by your ‘friends’ contact lists or view all ‘global’ lists. Also your contact list is saved locally, so you can always have it at your disposal, soon we will develop functionalities to export this list and keep it so that nostree is also a way to backup your nostr profile, like metadata.nostr.com and nostrsync.live currently do.

Button to add link to a list: This is a feature that has been suggested several times and has been included in this version, now with this button you can add a new link to the list you want without having to go into edit mode.

Bugfixes and UX improvements: In this version, as usual, some rough edges have been polished, sharp corners have been filed and some bugs have been squashed.

Thanks for being here, for the next versions we will continue adding quality of life features and little by little we will implement the new design proposed by nielliesmons (npub149p…722q)
Remember to follow the new nostree account to keep up to date with the latest news.

Greetings, peace, love and long live to foss freedom tech!

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