Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2024-04-10 21:28:01

Josh Brown on Nostr: nostr:note1zuk977cwwqvy8uv044kmw3pmhvrtwaffkxw093k6vu085e0d883sgm62md Thanks to ...

I’ve been looking for a good editor for Mac for a while -- one that feels native (Mac-assed) and modern. I do most of my coding in Xcode and I'm happy with it for iOS development. But there are text files and Markdown files and YAML files and other files to edit, and Xcode feels too heavy most of the time. So, nostr friends, what do you recommend?

#macassed #development #codeeditors

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions; I’ve found a couple editors that I really like for different reasons. Nova by Panic is just an all-around great editor with a UI I absolutely love. And Visual Studio Code is great for the extensions for GitHub Copilot and running Swift/iOS apps.
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