Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2024-04-30 12:40:02

0xtr on Nostr: 💯 nostr:note1qqrgunrlkwf36ffpf4d08hdckz8w0uvlrh9msf70xtw2der0yr4q7tz3tf

popular #Bitcoin inFLUenzas complaining about not being zapped enough for their content on #nostr is a whole new level of regardism. It's not the communities job to finance anyone travelling around the world. Complaining about not being zapped enough or arguing that your X revenue exceeds your nostr revenue is absurd.

You either don't have the corn to travel around the world or you're living above your needs, or both. Expecting others to pay for your way of life is ridiculous. If you cannot live the life you expect to live on the money you're making or the coins you have, GET A FUCKING JOB.
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