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2024-01-26 04:59:50

Pinball Wizard on Nostr: Here we go! #mostro #btc ...

Here we go!

#mostro #btc
📢 First successful order of x.com/Mostrop2p on mainnet today 🎉.

💥 After months of intense work, Mostro is finally available for use in p2p exchange of #Bitcoin on #LightningNetwork for any fiat currency, using #Nostr.

For now only small test exchanges can be done, with a maximum of up to 20k Sats, still a lot of room for improvement! 🚀

🧑‍💻 Our team is working with great dedication to make this decentralized and censorship-resistant tool soon to be massively used by all users on #Nostr.

🤝 If you want to collaborate with the development:


👥 Doubts you can ask at:



🙏 You can donate to:

[email protected]

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