What is Nostr?
2023-09-04 02:08:41
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AB on Nostr: https://m.primal.net/HKav.mov Here's a quick look at the new connection flow for ...

Here's a quick look at the new connection flow for connecting wallets.

You land on the homescreen after entering an encryption passphrase on the welcome route. The app will prompt you to connect a wallet with a link to the add wallet route.

We only have the CoreLN wallet connection module written at the moment, but the goal is to be able to connect many different kinds of wallets that will allow you to automatically sync transactions, channels, trades, withdrawals, deposits etc. We have plans for LND, Exchange wallets and xpub integrations as well as custom wallet imports when automatic syncing is not possible.

Some small improvements for CoreLN users in v2 is that you can now view and edit your configuration details without having to reset the app. This is handy if you want to update the rune or if your node ip changes. Once you have added your configuration details, Clams will connect to your node and then you can sync your device with your node. This is a major point of difference with v2 in that we sync a local db on your device with all the data we can successfully fetch from your node, rather than using your node as a real time API server that we fetch data from the network whenever we need it. This allows us to do some really cool local queries to match data across wallets and connect all of your transaction data in to a coherent picture.
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