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2023-11-04 02:33:18

David A. Harding on Nostr: I'm pleased to announce that Mastering Bitcoin (3rd edition), co-authored by ...

I'm pleased to announce that Mastering Bitcoin (3rd edition), co-authored by @aantonop and myself, has been sent to the printer. Ebooks should be available around Nov 15th. Print books should be available by early December.


New chapters and sections of the book cover schnorr signatures, scriptless multisignatures, MAST, P2C, taproot, tapscript, bech32(m), fee management, scriptless threshold signatures, compact block filters, compact blocks, and more.

Updates in the third edition include the evolution of Bitcoin scripting, terminology updates, RGB and taproot assets, much more backup and recovery info, and complete witness transaction serialization.

Compared to my initial draft, the book has been much improved thanks to comprehensive technical reviews from npub1j5mp526z5fkz9wkrk6mt5nzu43xndyrwkr8mnqngdqwytgcpc5vqcnsd5c Olaoluwa Osuntokun and René Pickhardt. I can't fully express how much gratitude I have for them.

All of my royalties from Mastering Bitcoin (3rd ed.) will be donated to @bitcoinbrink to support Bitcoin developers. It's impossible to write about Bitcoin technology without wanting to support the people who build it and then give it to the world for free.

This updated book wouldn't have happened without my editors at O'Reilly: Angela Rufino, Michelle Smith, Kristen Brown, and Clare Laylock. Their commitment to giving readers the best possible book shines in every one of the over 500 emails we exchanged during the past 10 months.

I also owe a huge thanks to the inimitable Adam Jonas, who did the scariest thing possible to an educational author: introduced me to teachers such as Femi Longe and Dulce Villarreal who will be depending on the book for their classes. Femi, Dulce: I hope it meets expectations!

Finally, I have to confess that updating the book took more out of me than I expected. I don't think I could've finished if it hadn't been for the unreserved support and encouragement of my incredible partner. Thank you, Amanda. I love you.
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