Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2024-07-10 16:46:13

Mutiny Wallet on Nostr: Update: A small hotfix has been deployed restoring connectivity to all known ...

Update: A small hotfix has been deployed restoring connectivity to all known federation guardians with this issue. A longer term fix is in progress and will probably be in the next major fedimint release.

Huge thanks to the team there! Remember, fedimint is still early but still very promising. We thank everyone testing out this software and providing feedback and patience 🙏
PSA: The functionality of multiple Fedimint federations is significantly degraded due to severe DNS issues.

It seems to be the case that some federation guardians have an XYZ domain that the DNS registrar has taken over. Freedom One and Bitcoin Principals appear to have one guardian offline due to this.

Unfortunately, despite the server and keys for these guardians being intact, there is no way for the DNS of a guardian to be swapped out after the fact. We became aware of this issue last week and then became aware that multiple federations are experiencing this: https://github.com/fedimint/fedimint/issues/5482/

Given the critical state of these federations, with one guardian out of four being permanently offline, it's essential that if you have funds in these federations, you should withdraw them immediately. Unfortunately, we're unaware of other public federations, so you must withdraw to another lightning or on-chain wallet.

From our experiences, intermittent/connectivity issues can occur with guardians, and this may result in errors if not all three remaining guardians are consistently online. No other guardian of these federations has XYZ or other domains like it. So, if you're having issues, please try again later.

Unfortunately, not much can be done on the Mutiny side, so we're removing the federation setup flow in the UI as a first step. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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