Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2023-11-16 16:59:20

Mutiny Wallet on Nostr: We have recently disabled the ability to zap ZEUS wallet users from Mutiny. You may ...

We have recently disabled the ability to zap wallet users from Mutiny. You may still pay their invoices or LN addresses normally but a big problem we were seeing was force closed channels due to stuck payments to Zeus due to their work arounds with locked payments. Which harm both the user experience and other lightning nodes on the network.

Since nostr users are mostly unaware if they're zapping Zeus users or not, we are taking this step proactively to protect users from having a 10 sat zap costing them serious on chain channel closing (and reopening) fees.

The approach we are working on for solving lightning addresses on mobile wallets is a fedimint hybrid approach where the sats end up at a federation if you are offline but get swept to your self custodial channel when you come online. Payments will settle instantly with the federation and it won't lock up unnecessary HTLCs on the network.

Ideally we get the ability to do offline receives normally on LN but that future is looking really grim with LND's continued priorities on shitcoins instead of features, and offline receives depends on a network wide upgrade.

We petition Zeus to move to a more responsible node implementation like LDK unless their plan is to add shitcoins or break LN further.
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