What is Nostr?
Vitor Pamplona
2023-12-05 17:27:21

Vitor Pamplona on Nostr: Can somebody help @npub1aljazgxlpnpfp7n5sunlk3dvfp72456x6nezjw4sd850q879rxqsthg9jp by ...

Can somebody help @npub1aljazgxlpnpfp7n5sunlk3dvfp72456x6nezjw4sd850q879rxqsthg9jp by reviewing https://github.com/aljazceru/awesome-nostr to mark stale projects as such? Anything stale for over 6 months is likely not coming back. They don't need to be deleted, just less emphasized to avoid user friction and confusion.

I am unsure how to restructure the page, but I am sure Aljaz will consider ideas/PRs to do so. There are too many old/stale clients/codebases in there.
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