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2023-11-18 01:24:54
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AB on Nostr: I have tried a few ways to get my local farmers onboarded to Bitcoin. First I start ...

I have tried a few ways to get my local farmers onboarded to Bitcoin.

First I start by just asking if they will accept Bitcoin as payment to get a sense if they are curious or not. Most of them show a vague interest, but they also feel like it is too much to learn or understand. I usually let them know that if they have any questions or need help getting setup that I can help them out with that. After that I try just talking to them about it each time I see them unless they are getting annoyed by it haha.
I then tried printing up those Bitcoin for local community brochures that are open source and added my own little bit of informational insert to it and gave them to all the farmers I had built a relationship with over a year or so. I was hoping that giving them something to read while they have downtime at the market that clearly lays out the benefits to them would spur them to ask for more info. I provided a bit of info about myself and my technical background and gave them some contact info and offered to meet them for a coffee to discuss.
Not one of the merchants has taken me up on that offer unfortunately.

Not sure what it is going to take to move them towards accepting Bitcoin. I think culturally Australians are less amenable to Bitcoin compared to Americans. The depreciation of the AUD may have to get a lot worse before they reach out, but at least they know who to talk to if they do want to learn more.
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