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2024-03-29 18:34:13

YakiHonne on Nostr: 📣Decentralized review of today's election news and earning sats. 🦋Kentucky ...

📣Decentralized review of today's election news and earning sats.
🦋Kentucky Legislature cuts Democratic governor out of picking potential McConnell replacement.
🎃DOD in early talks to fund a peacekeeping force in Gaza.
🌐President Joe Biden came under criticism following his remarks about the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.
🚨Attorney John Eastman, the architect of a legal strategy aimed at keeping former president Donald Trump in power, faces a recommendation from a judge that he be disbarred in California.
💥Trump responds by attacking the police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, calling him a “thug”.
💠Anti-Israel protesters disrupt Biden’s lavish NYC fundraiser with Obama, Clinton, where tickets went for up to $500K: ‘War pig’ .
🛜US Senate Candidate Calls for Resignation of SEC Chair Gary Gensler.
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