What is Nostr?
2023-09-04 06:19:18
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AB on Nostr: https://m.primal.net/HKbI.mov Here's what auto detection for transactions will look ...

Here's what auto detection for transactions will look like once you start adding extra connection to fill in gaps in your Bitcoin data. In the video I just connected another CoreLN regtest node since that is the only connection module we have currently completed. In reality it might be a cold storage xpub wallet or even a custodial wallet, but it demonstrates the effect. Then again, maybe you run multiple CoreLN nodes 🤷‍♂️

You can see the top transaction initially says that "Alice" sent sats to an address onchain. Once we add the second connection, Clams can automatically detect that it was actually a transfer between wallets that we own. This will be critical for capital gains and sats flow calculations, but it is also nice to see a human readable summary of what the transaction intent was.

After clicking on the transaction summary, we can then see more details about the inputs and outputs. Clams will try and give them intelligible labels, but is dependant on how much data the app has access to locally.

This kind of labelling is super useful in the case of interpreting channel closes and especially force closes to see the sweep transaction as well as the rounding donation to miners. I'll post a video of that another day to show what that looks like.
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