Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2024-05-25 13:10:35

NVK on Nostr: The only real stable coin is on Tron, eth is extremely inefficient at the use cases ...

The only real stable coin is on Tron, eth is extremely inefficient at the use cases it claims. It is now proof of stake and centralized.

But wont go away at least for a little why longer, too much lindy for scam creation.
yes bitwise is launching an ethereum etf

i'm bitcoin first but not bitcoin only and if that's upsetting i'll take the heat. replies / dms open.

fwiw i think bitcoin and ethereum are completely different things. i know it can be super annoying when eth maxis are like "eth is even more sound than bitcoin!" but nobody takes that seriously. bitcoin is undeniably king as decentralized non-government money and that's not really up for debate

imo the question is around whether bitcoin wants to swallow the full range of public computing needs or leave room for the non core use cases (everything outside of sovereign money). i mean, stablecoins are undeniably a thing. non-custodial trading (uniswap) is also undeniably a thing.

i'm very happy that bitcoin hasn't morphed to make any of those things too easy on bitcoin. making stablecoins easier means making general token issuance easier. making non-custodial trading easier on bitcoin means more MEV risk on bitcoin. i'm happy that those experiments are playing out outside of bitcoin. maybe where i differ with many bitcoiners is that i am happy that those experiments are still happening.

anyways, happy to discuss this more. didn't want to seem like i'm hiding from this issue.
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