Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2024-05-13 09:21:06

existing sprinkles on Nostr: Where the music starts. #dailydrawing #music #artstr #thoughts I stumbled upon a ...

Where the music starts.
#dailydrawing #music #artstr #thoughts

I stumbled upon a video saying it is important to sign your work. I know people/bots/ai/data scraping do and will download everything and anything. It was a good reminder. I don't think my sketch's are that important to other people, but they do hold some value to me. So I guess I will start adding some kind of identifier. It won't prevent anything but at least there will be some kind of link to my account. I will see if I want to continue it.

This video also mentioned not to add dates to art because it immediately devalues the artwork. I thought that was an interesting take. I guess the older an artwork in the digital age, the less value it has to other people. I wonder if this has to do with tech. Since classical paintings hold high value the older something is, but if its digital does it have less value the older it is? Although I sketch with physical media would that apply to my work because I am posting it digitally? The perception of value is intriguing.
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