Why Nostr? What is Njump?
2023-11-20 16:20:07

brett on Nostr: We're excited to share what we've been working on - the TrueVote app in action! ...

We're excited to share what we've been working on - the TrueVote app in action!

TrueVote is not just an app; it's a commitment to transparency. Built on Bitcoin, Opentimestamps, and Nostr, our open-source platform ensures tamper-proof ballot data. No smoke and mirrors, just verifiable election integrity of every ballot, every vote.

TrueVote solves two fundamental problems in elections:

1. Ballot verification: With TrueVote, you can verify your vote was counted, eliminating the uncertainty that plagues traditional voting methods.

2. Convenience: TrueVote brings voting to your fingertips, eliminating the inconvenience of polling places and mail-in ballots. Voting should be as convenient as the rest of our digital lives.

We believe in openness, which is why our tech stack is entirely open-source. Transparency isn't just a feature; it's a virtue. We're empowering voters with unprecedented visibility into the voting process.

Ballot data is validated using Opentimestamps hashing on Bitcoin. No "token" needed. No "new crypto coin" needed. Bitcoin and Bitcoin only.

And now, TrueVote uses Nostr, an innovative decentralized and open-source communications protocol, for secure authentication.

Technology (bitcoin) has made it possible to separate money and state, and it is time to decouple the state from the election process to ensure election integrity.

It's time we vote on our phones!

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