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Choose Your Fate Game
2024-03-23 23:15:57

Choose Your Fate Game on Nostr: Welcome to a text based RPG GROUP GAME by #[0]. We have selected a natural disaster ...

Welcome to a text based RPG GROUP GAME by son_of_vin (npub1gjd…a0tp). We have selected a natural disaster survival. Anyone can participate and affect the outcome but you MUST reply directly to each specific action message with only the action number itself. The first reply each round will decide what action is taken. A pool of 300 satoshis will be split among all that participate correctly if the game is won. Good luck! This game will time out in 6 minutes if no one responds. #games on #grownostr #bitcoin

Round 1:
You wake up to the sound of rain pounding against your window. As you groggily get out of bed, you notice a news report on the TV. The reporter warns that after a major storm, there is intense flooding that will soon completely submerge the immediate area. You need to act fast to survive. What do you do?

1. Gather essential supplies and head to higher ground.
2. Check the weather forecast for any updates.
3. Call a friend or family member for advice.

Remember, your choice will determine your fate. Choose wisely. [1711232179]
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