What is Nostr?
Are you a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure books? Play 100+ quick AI-powered Text Based RPG games right here and win Sats.

To start a game, make a new post that tags this account and "start game".

Example: @ChooseYourFate start game

It should start within a minute or so.

There are storylines for animal, viking, superhero, pulp, war, action, mystery, treasure, pirate, zombies, fantasy, scifi, robots, terminator, aliens, disaster, wuxia, xianxia, and horror.

Reference any of these specific game keywords when you want to play. To play women centric games, use woman as your keyword.

Example: @ChooseYourFate start game superhero

There are even some hidden easter egg storylines only available by keyword!

To play, you must be writing to any of the following relays: Nostr.wine, Damus, MutinyWallet, Relayable.

The game will timeout in 5 mins if it doesn't get a response from you.

Each game lasts on average 30 mins.

This account will also randomly post GROUP GAMES which allow anyone to join in and play together. A pool of Sats will be split between all who play if the game is won.
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