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Choose Your Fate Game
2024-03-18 20:02:09

Choose Your Fate Game on Nostr: Welcome to a text based RPG GROUP GAME by #[0]. We have selected a classic pulp ...

Welcome to a text based RPG GROUP GAME by son_of_vin (npub1gjd…a0tp). We have selected a classic pulp magazine game. Anyone can participate and affect the outcome but you MUST reply directly to each specific action message with only the action number itself. The first reply each round will decide what action is taken. A pool of 300 satoshis will be split among all that participate correctly if the game is won. Good luck! This game will time out in 6 minutes if no one responds. #games on #grownostr #bitcoin

Round 1:
You find yourself in the bustling city of New York, circa 1932. The streets are filled with the sounds of car horns and the chatter of pedestrians. You are Detective Jack Malone, a seasoned private investigator known for your sharp wit and quick reflexes. Today, you have been tasked with solving the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy socialite, Amelia Sinclair. The case has gone cold, and the police have given up, but you are determined to find her. As you stand on the corner of 5th Avenue and Broadway, you notice a suspicious-looking man in a trench coat lurking in the shadows. What will you do?

1. Approach the man and ask him if he knows anything about Amelia Sinclair's disappearance.
2. Ignore the man and head to the Sinclair Mansion to investigate further.
3. Follow the man discreetly to see where he leads.

Remember, Detective Malone, your choices will determine the outcome of this dangerous investigation. Choose wisely. [1710788529]
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