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Choose Your Fate Game
2024-02-07 03:32:40
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Choose Your Fate Game on Nostr: *This is a group game. Anyone can respond, but the first action number replied will ...

*This is a group game. Anyone can respond, but the first action number replied will be used.

Round 3: You ask Master Hiroshi for advice on navigating the treacherous Forbidden Forest. The wise hermit strokes his long, white beard and ponders for a moment before speaking.

"Ah, the Forbidden Forest, a treacherous place indeed," Master Hiroshi begins. "To navigate its dangers, you must trust in your instincts and rely on your ninja skills. The forest is filled with hidden traps and cunning adversaries. Stay low, move silently, and be aware of your surroundings."

He continues, "Beware of the ancient tree spirits that dwell within the forest. They can sense intruders and will attack mercilessly. Remember, young ninja, the path to the Temple of Shadows lies deep within the heart of the forest. May your stealth be your shield."

Armed with Master Hiroshi's advice, you prepare to enter the Forbidden Forest.

Choose your next action:
1. Proceed cautiously, using your ninja skills to navigate through the forest.
2. Utilize your ninja magic to create a diversion and distract any potential adversaries.
3. Seek out the ancient tree spirits and attempt to negotiate safe passage through the forest.

Choose wisely, for the forest holds many secrets and dangers.
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