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2024-03-07 16:02:07

aljaz on Nostr: For a daily reminder that "blockchain" industry is a complete joke I have a list of ...

For a daily reminder that "blockchain" industry is a complete joke I have a list of quotes from their new lobbying "manifesto" in EU. They really outdone themselves with this, it would work much better as a stand-up material.

"As technology advances, the blockchain industry recognizes the necessity for close collaboration with regulators"

"regulation is just one of the elements driving global adoption"

"The EU should continue to consolidate its data economy, offering universally accessible digital services ranging from digital identities to digital assets provided by both private and public sectors. It should leverage advanced cryptographic techniques including zero-knowledge proofs allowing the sharing of sensible data proofs while remaining compliant with privacy and AML requirements"

"As the continent pursues ambitious targets under the European Green Deal and leads a transition towards renewable energy sources, blockchain’s transparency and efficiency can play an instrumental role. By integrating blockchain, the EU could more effectively monitor, validate, and achieve its sustainability goals, ensuring environmental responsibility through technological innovation"

If this was not cringe enough for you then here is the source of this fuckery: https://blockchain-manifesto.eu/onewebmedia/A%20Manifesto%20for%20Blockchain%20-%20Embracing%20its%20Potential%20in%20the%20European%20Union.pdf
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