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provoost / Sjors Provoost
2024-01-20 18:58:58

provoost on Nostr: (Hypocritically reposting since I do still hang out at the bird site) ...

(Hypocritically reposting since I do still hang out at the bird site)
After a year off Twitter, I'm surprised that I don't have even a single regret about leaving. The more I think about it, the more I realize it wasn't the takeover that did it. Sure, there was a massive and harmful political shift, but there's just always been something about the platform that attracts extremely unhealed people regardless of political leaning.

You can make a post like "I just got a coffee and the milk was sour" then someone on the right will be like "Biden's border crisis is the reason we can't get good milk anymore" and then someone on the left will be like "do you think starving children in Africa would complain about sour milk?". Eventually, you just realize the platform is designed for people who's only form of therapy is logging on to the internet and being annoying as fuck.
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