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Vitor Pamplona
2023-10-27 21:18:34

Vitor Pamplona on Nostr: #Amethyst v0.80.1: FOSS Push Notifications ...

#Amethyst v0.80.1: FOSS Push Notifications

This version adds support for UnifiedPush to the FOSS edition of Amethyst. Make sure to have one of the [UnifiedPush](https://unifiedpush.org/) apps installed to receive Notifications. Once installed, Amethyst will ask which distribution app to use. If the app is paid, make sure to have enough credits in that system.

- Adds support for Unified Push in the FOSS edition by nullgeek (npub1a3t…kq4k)
- BugFix for missing push notifications when using Google's edition
- Creates a ViewModel store for each user, which allows faster memory cleanup when switching accounts.
- Fix crash when uploading images/videos using external signer by greenart7c3 (npub1w4u…0jr5)
- Adds Lifecycle to all Flow collects in compose to stop processing new events when the app is paused.
- Avoids creation of the LiveData in every recomposition
- Removing Stop with Task from PushNotifications to make sure the PushService remains active.
- Updated translations to Sweden, Portuguese, Czech and German by ⚡ Dee Kay ⚡🇸🇪🇬🇧🇨🇿🇧🇷🇦🇹 (npub1e2y…3eef)

- [Play Edition](https://github.com/vitorpamplona/amethyst/releases/download/v0.80.1/amethyst-googleplay-universal-v0.80.1.apk )
- [FOSS Edition - No translations](https://github.com/vitorpamplona/amethyst/releases/download/v0.80.1/amethyst-fdroid-universal-v0.80.1.apk )
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