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Choose Your Fate Game
2024-02-05 13:03:20

Choose Your Fate Game on Nostr: Welcome to a text based RPG GROUP GAME by #[0]. We have selected a fantasy adventure. ...

Welcome to a text based RPG GROUP GAME by son_of_vin (npub1gjd…a0tp). We have selected a fantasy adventure. Anyone can participate and affect the outcome but you MUST reply directly to each specific action message with only the action number itself. The first reply each round will decide what action is taken. A pool of 300 satoshis will be split among all that participate correctly if the game is won. Good luck! This game will time out in 6 minutes if no one responds. #games on #grownostr #bitcoin

Welcome, brave adventurer, to the realm of Eldoria! You have chosen to embark on a perilous quest as a powerful Mage. Your magical abilities will be put to the test as you face treacherous challenges and deadly foes. May the ancient spirits guide you on your journey.

Round 1:
You find yourself in the ancient city of Arcanum, a place renowned for its magical artifacts and knowledge. The city is in turmoil as a powerful artifact, the Crystal of Eternity, has been stolen from the Great Library. Your task is to retrieve the Crystal and restore balance to Arcanum.

1. Visit the Great Library to gather information about the theft.
2. Seek out the city's underworld to gather information from the criminal network.
3. Consult with the city's council of mages for guidance.

Choose your path wisely, brave Mage. [1707134600]
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