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2024-02-28 11:01:00

aljaz on Nostr: Pure signal event🎉 ...

Pure signal event🎉
dev/hack/day is back! 🔥

If there was more of a blast than BTCPrague last year, it was the dev/hack/day. 💥

A day full of pure tech talks, workshops & Socratic seminars with 100+ world's top FOSS devs. 🤓

🌮🍶 Food & drinks are included during the whole day and this time even with a bowling afterparty directly in the venue! 🎳

🗓️ This year, again in Hotel Duo, one day before the main conference - on June 12.

🎟️ 300 tickets only!!! Take your seat when available.
Check the website 👉 btcprague.com
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