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Gzuuus on Nostr: ## Nostree release note nostree.me ### v.0.1.5 "That's sexy" ...

## Nostree release note
### v.0.1.5 "That's sexy"

It's been almost a month since the last update of nostree, but that doesn't mean that during this period no work has been done on it, on the contrary, nostree has gone through a strong refactoring process of its code, the main novelty of this version is the new Theming system and the migration from pure css to tailwind along with the use of the Skeleton library for the graphic components (skeleton.dev highly recommended) This has made nostree much sexier, with new features, themes, graphic components and more, this has undoubtedly brought a considerable improvement in the user interface and user experience. Also in this update is presented the new theme system with which each user can set their own theme for your personal page. Little by little we will be breaking down all the new features that this version brings, but before we start I wanted to thank again OpenSats (npub10pe…n34f) for the opportunity of his grant, nielliesmons (npub149p…722q) with whom we are designing all this, Karnage (npub1r0r…q9ac) for their valuable proposals, and all the other people who have given a little of their time or sats providing feedback, helping, and ultimately making the project grow, thanks to all!

#### Let's start with the release note:
- Themes: Thanks to the previous technologies, we have achieved a good integration of a theme system with nostr, and thanks to the interoperability of the protocol, users can define the theme they like and it will always be displayed automatically when another user visits their page, super sexy. Soon we will also be able to create or generate our own themes so that users can completely customize their personal page.

- Migration to tailwindCSS and skeleton lib: This has been the main change in this version, goodbye pure css, hello tailwind and skeleton, these technologies have made nostree look more modern, stylish, and with much more polished interface components and improved accessibility.
- Responsive design: The current design of nostree will adapt perfectly to any type of screen, the menu has also been worked a lot so that the user experience is always something pleasant and not frustrating.
- List templates: Now you will see that you can create a blank list or choose one of the suggested templates to create your lists, you can also enter the subject of your list. These templates will only set a few key values in the list, such as the title, summary, slug and hashtag, but they are very useful and will improve the standardisation of subjects and discoverability.

- Redesigned components and keyboard shortcuts: In this version we have redesigned many of the interface components and added some user feedback components, having now a much more responsive interface with informative toast, modal elements to execute actions, drawers, etc. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+k (or command+k on macOS) has also been added to display the search engine, which now has both profile search and hashtags search integrated. The 'share on nostr!' button will now display a nice modal where you can easily share your list or a list you have discovered with everyone.

- Bitcoin withepaper: In this version the bitcoin whitepaper has been added to the root of the website, you can try it yourself :) https://nostree.me/bitcoin.pdf
- Bug fixes: many small bugs, and other annoying bugs have been fixed in this version, let's not cry about them, they are where they should be... in oblivion. For more information you can check the github repository.

- New vanity addresses:
- Gigi ⚡🧡 (npub1der…xzpc) : https://nostree.me/gigi
- PABLOF7z (npub1l2v…ajft) : https://nostree.me/pablof7z
- NunyaBidness (npub1vwy…zugd) : https://nostree.me/BitcoinAnd
- Owen (npub1am5…ks29) : https://nostree.me/owen
- IngwiePhoenix (npub1tce…jmky) : https://nostree.me/ingwie
- HODLr (npub16eu…t6jc) : https://nostree.me/The_bitBees
- isolabell.art 🎨 (npub17nd…950x) : https://nostree.me/isolabellart
If you also want to have one consider contributing to the project with feedback, prs, issues or directly acquiring one in the geyser (npub1kmw…xqk9) page of the project https://geyser.fund/project/nostree/rewards
But today being a release day I will be giving away vanity addresses to everyone who create a list and share it on nostr, either through the 'share on nostr!' button or simply sharing the link to the list on nostr, once you do this you will only have to claim the vanity address by writing me a dm specifying the name of your vanity address, only during the next 24h.

What's next for nostree:
Soon I will be focusing on implementing the new design proposed by nielliesmons (npub149p…722q) along with the improvement and maintenance of the application, once this is finished I will continue with the planned roadmap that you can find in the project repository: https://github.com/gzuuus/linktr-nostr

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this new update, customize your personal page and share all your projects, links or resources in an awesome way, decentralized and all the other stuff!

Love y'all, best regards 💜
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