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NostReport on Nostr: THE NOSTR REPORT QUIERO MIS QUINCE Jan 3, 2024 Block Height: 824,174 Moscow Time: ...


Jan 3, 2024
Block Height: 824,174
Moscow Time: 23:55 ⚡/ $
V4V: 10 zaps ⚡2,156
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"Happy Birthday #bitcoin
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Happy Birthday #bitcoin

🚨Headline Nostr News🚨
Join and for this week’s Plebchain Radio as they welcome guest to talk about Montaña Sagrada of Colorado, and his work in orange pilling the plant medicine community. Tune in this Friday at 6:30 pm ET (UTC -5) on Nostr Nests.
Join and me as we kick off ‘24 with episode 42 of this Friday at 6:30 pm ET (UTC -5)

Our guest this week is , a true gentlepleb, who joins us to talk about Montaña Sagrada of Colorado, and his work in orange pilling the plant medicine community

As always, will be there for the Lightning Round

Set your blockclocks! https://nostrnests.com/plebchainradio

Bitcoin turns 15 years old today.
This day 15 years ago.

shares his book, The Genesis Book: The Story of the People and Projects That Inspired Bitcoin.
I wrote a book.


The Inverse Cramer strikes again. At least we got 15 years.
The Inverse Cramer theory tells us that #Bitcoin is dead. Well, we had a good run over the past 15 years 😂

announces updated prizes for their blogging contest. See linked notes for details on entering.
1st prize options now include a HW Bitcoin wallet of your choice, or $150 worth of art/dev supplies/Adobe/Figma/ChatGPT/DallE etc.

Write whatever stupid blog using a nostr blogging app and post the link below 🤙

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #283 discusses LND vulnerabilities, fee-dependent time locks, improved fee estimation, and more.
Bitcoin Optech newsletter #283 is here:

- shares the disclosure of past vulnerabilities in LND
- summarizes a proposal for fee-dependent timelocks
- describes an idea for improving fee estimation using transaction clusters
- discusses how to specify unspendable keys in descriptors
- examines the cost of pinning in the v3 transaction relay proposal
- mentions a proposed BIP to allow descriptors to be included in PSBTs
- announces a tool that can be used with the MATT proposal to prove a program executed correctly
- looks at a proposal for allowing highly efficient group exits from a pooled UTXO
- points to new coin selection strategies being proposed for Bitcoin Core
- Optech Newsletter #283 Recap on Twitter Spaces

Niklas Gögge posted to Delving Bitcoin about two vulnerabilities he had previously responsibly disclosed, which led to fixed versions of LND being released...

John Law posted to the Bitcoin-Dev and Lightning-Dev mailing lists with a rough proposal for a soft fork that could allow transaction timelocks to optionally only unlock (expire) when median block feerates are below a user-chosen level...

Abubakar Sadiq Ismail posted to Delving Bitcoin about using some of the tools and insights from the design of cluster mempool to improve fee estimation in Bitcoin Core...

Salvatore Ingala started a discussion on Delving Bitcoin about how to allow descriptors, particularly those for taproot, to specify a key for which no private key is known (preventing spending from that key)...

Peter Todd posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list an analysis of the proposed v3 transaction relay policy on transaction pinning for contract protocols such as LN...

The SeedHammer team posted a draft BIP to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list for including descriptors in PSBTs. The main intended use seems to be encapsulating descriptors in the PSBT format for transfer between wallets, as the proposed standard allows PSBTs to omit transaction data when a descriptor is enclosed...

Johan Torås Halseth posted to Delving Bitcoin about elftrace, a proof of concept program that can use the OP_CHECKCONTRACTVERIFY opcode from the MATT soft fork proposal to allow a party in a contract protocol to claim money if an arbitrary program executed successfully...

Salvatore Ingala posted to Delving Bitcoin a proposal that can improve multiparty contracts where several users share a UTXO, such as a joinpool or channel factory, and some of the users want to exit the contract at a time when other users are unresponsive (whether unintentionally or deliberately)...

Mark Erhardt posted to Delving Bitcoin about edge-cases users may have experienced with Bitcoin Core’s coin selection strategy and proposes two new strategies that address the edge cases by attempting to reduce the number of inputs used in wallet transactions at high feerates...

Bitcoin Optech will host an audio recap discussion of this newsletter with special guests Niklas Gögge, Antoine Riard, Abubakar Sadiq Ismail, Salvatore Ingala, and Gloria Zhao on Twitter Spaces Thursday at 15:00 UTC. Join us to discuss or ask questions!

Amboss cofounder discusses all things Lightning, the payment network of the future.
Are you ready to build the payment network of the future?

Traditional payments won't support your freedom and are too addicted to debt to be reliable when it matters.

Lightning is our payment system.

announces the Permaculture Nest, going deep into what permaculture is and what he and others are working on. It kicks off tonight at 8pm EST (UTC -5).
Announcing the Permaculture Nest!

Tomorrow, January 3rd, at 8pm Eastern time I will host a Nostr Nests discussing permaculture with a few other permies I've known for several years. We will go deep on what permaculture is and cover what we are working on more broadly then get people up on stage to ask some questions. If you're a permie hungry for some solid discussion or someone who is interested in learning more about permaculture this nest is going to have something for everyone. It is my intention to host these discussions on the first Wednesday of every month so let's kick the first one of the year off together!
💻nostr Tech💻
Deploys a new relay that runs strfry. He plans to keep it as a public good with no infrastructure limits.
For the end of the year I deployed a new beefy relay at:


Runs strfry, no hard limits on the infrastructure with plans to keep it as a public good.

releases nsecBunker 0.10.0, codename: nostr, an oauth-like protocol. This release provides the ability to run OAuth-like bunkers which will allow registration in your bunker to new accounts.
📢 nsecBunker 0.10.0 is out!

Codename: nostr, an oauth-like protocol

This is a significant release that provides the ability to run OAuth-like bunkers which will allow registration in your bunker to new accounts.

It also integrates with LNBits + Nostrdress to provide the ability for new nostr users to be able to immediately receive zaps 🤯

✅ LNBits
✅ Nostdress for zap receives 👀 (thanks )
✅ NIP-89 announcement on each nsecbunker boot
* Tons of bugfixes

Next up will be connecting the new user's wallet to automatically negotiate Nostr Wallet Connect; clients will be immediately able to *send* zaps. No fidgeting with copying around connection strings or scanning QR codes, client and nsecbunker negotiate in the background.

Under the hood, this is using the flow described here https://github.com/kind-0/nsecbunkerd/blob/master/OAUTH-LIKE-FLOW.md

v0.1.1 is out on TestFlight with several fixes. See linked note for details.
Version 0.1.1 of Nos is out on TestFlight! This one has the following fixes:
- Fixed a crash when opening the note composer.
- Fix localization of warning message when a note has been reported. (thanks @L!)
- Fixed contact list bug where unfollows from other clients would sometimes not be processed.
⚡nostr Business⚡
Coin Center’s Jerry Brito writes on new US crypto tax reporting obligations that took effect on January 1, including requiring “anyone who receives $10,000 or more in cryptocurrency in the course of their trade or business to make a report to the IRS about that transaction.”

discusses MicroStrategy’s Lightning Rewards Program for employees.
⚡️ In 2024, forward-thinking company leaders should explore Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy #Lightning Rewards Program. It's not just about retention – it's about boosting productivity and keeping your team motivated with innovative #Bitcoin rewards:

shares Forbes article on Bitcoin’s role in human rights and global empowerment.
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Happy Quinceañera ₿itcoin!
Happy birthday #Bitcoin

We’re still early 🧡
Stay Classy, Nostr.
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