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#Amethyst v0.87.0: Data Vending Machines (DVMs) and Gossip Model

This version adds support for Data Vending Machines for content discovery. You can request a job by simply navigating to the 4th tab and choosing one of the DVMs. It also starts our support for the Inbox/Gossip model. The relay setup screen has been rewritten to support the many types of relays Amethyst will start to use. Please add your relays as you see fit.

Our video caching system has been improved. Most of the high-bandwidth use of the app in the last month has been due to a faulty caching system for some video types. The app was just downloading them at every playback. In a similar way, the caching system for encrypted events has been massively improved. The app should feel visibly lighter at this point.

If you generated your keys from NIP-06 seed words you can now type them on the login screen to start the app. We are not generating seeds yet, but this will be available in the upcoming versions.

We are also moving to deprecate and remove most of the NIP-04 usage in the app. In the future, users won't be able to send new NIP-04 DMs but the history of past DMs will be available for as long as we can support it.

- Adds support for NIP-90, data vending machines by
- Adds support for discovery content DVMs in the discovery tab by
- Adds support for paid DVMs by
- Adds support for NIP-06 seed word key derivation (bip32 and bip39) when logging in
- Adds support for NIP-65 relay lists
- Adds support for NIP-17 private DM relay lists
- Adds support for private relay lists to save Draft events
- Adds support for local relays as a separate relay set, saving locally only.
- Adds message + dialog to setup Search relays when searching
- Adds message + dialog to setup DM relays when messaging
- Adds signString method for Amber by
- Prefers NIP-65 relays for zap request relay tags
- Prepares for NIP-96 server list integration
- Adds paste from clipboard button to NWC screen by
- Moves video compressing quality to medium instead of low
- Adds recommended amounts for the Zap the Devs
- Reduces default zap amounts due to the change of Bitcoin price
- Allows the new post's relay selection dialog to pick any relays (instead of just writing relays) by
- Improves Zap efficiency for large zap splits
- Adds a queue of commands while the relay connects
- Makes sure only one connection per URL is made when doing splits
- Removes unnecessary Amber calls when decrypting private zaps
- Improves Zap error messages to include the lnaddress of the error
- Displays Zap Split error messages in sequence instead of in multiple popups.

Bug Fixes:
- Waits 500ms before restarting all connections when saving new relays
- Automatically deactivate writes for search relays (they are read-only)
- Overrides pubkey to avoid impersonators on seals.
- Fixes the rendering of replies on wikipages.
- Fixes duplicated imeta tags when uploading the same image twice
- Removes reposts from the Dot Notification in the home's bottom bar icon
- Fixes a white space when including an image url after a new line
- Fixes alignment of the like icons after the like event
- Fixes wrong display of original and forked notes
- Improves the rendering of Channels and Communities when quoted
- Slightly better rendering Drafts in the thread
- DecimalFormats are not thread safe, moving them to thread objects
- Block error messages from closing the Zap split payment screen
- Better formats zap amounts (don't show .0 if the previous numbers are large)
- Fixes the offset position of the payment amounts on the Zap the Devs message
- Fixes Copy Text function of DraftEvents
- Fixes top bar lists not updating when following communities and hashtags.
- Show toast error if unable to hide words by
- Adds Autofocus when entering the search screen by
- Fixes the use of Global-active relays in the Global Feed
- Fixes special chars on URL previews by
- Fixes the lack of refresh when adding hidden words in the Security filters
- Makes sure only one buffering action is run for each video view
- Increases timeout to Tor connections
- Fixes a bug with `signature-null` in the sig of events from Amber

Updated translations:
- Czech, German, Swedish and Portuguese by
- French by
- Polish by
- Dutch by
- Hungarian by
- Swahili by
- Thai by
- Hindi by
- Spanish by

Performance Improvements:
- Optimizes Blurhash generation (4x gains)
- Speeds up the URL finder in the new post edit text (8x gains).
- Reduces the use of background colors to improve rendering speeds (15% gains).
- Refactors Giftwrap caching to delete encrypted text and reload the wrap if necessary (20x savings in memory use).
- Changes message wrap host to a host stub to reduce memory use
- Only download GiftWraps form 2 days past the last EOSE
- Moves the thread formatter and calculator out of Note to avoid memory use
- Slight improvement on the thread view for badges
- Unifies NIP01 Serialization with SHA-256 procedures to reduce the creation of several byte arrays at every verification
- Minimizes costs of keeping track of the number of events received per subscription
- Moves ClientController executor to a thread
- Speeds up ID calculations for Amber's Intent call

Code Quality Improvements:
- Major refactoring of the Relay List screens
- Refactors Relay URL formatter to Quartz
- Adds new observer structure for the LocalCache
- Moves Blurhash code to the commons module
- Updates UnifiedPush by
- Migrates to the latest Kotlin, Compose, and AGP 8.4.1 and several other dependencies

- [Play Edition](https://github.com/vitorpamplona/amethyst/releases/download/v0.87.0/amethyst-googleplay-universal-v0.87.0.apk )
- [FOSS Edition - No translations](https://github.com/vitorpamplona/amethyst/releases/download/v0.87.0/amethyst-fdroid-universal-v0.87.0.apk )
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